After-sale Service

Q1: What will be offered for the pre-sale service?

A1: In addition to the product part number query, we also provide the product technical parameters. For the first order, one or two free samples can be offered with no transportation charge.

Q2: How about the sale service?

A2: We will choose the transportation with the least cost for the clients. Both technical division and quality assurance department will be given full play, so as to guarantee high quality products. Our sales personnel will keep you posted on the transportation progress. Additionally, they will draft and perfect the shipping document.

Q3: How long is the quality guarantee period? What is the main content of the after-sale service?

A3: On the premise of normal application environment and good engine oil:

Warranty period of air filter: 2,000 hours;

Warranty period of oil filter: 2,000 hours;

External Type Air Oil Separator: 2,500 hours;

Built-in Type Air Oil Separator: 4,000 hours.

During the quality guarantee period, we will timely replace it if our technical personnel inspect that the product has any serious quality problems.

Q4: How about other services?

A4: The client provides the product model, and yet we have no such model. Under this situation, we will develop a new model for the product if the minimum order is reached. Furthermore, we will periodically invite the clients to visit our factory and receive the relevant technical training. Also, we also can access to clients and offer technical training sessions.

Q5: Is OEM service available?

A5: Yes.

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