Air Compressor Filter Element

Filter element is the critical part of the air oil separator. Commonly, the high qualified air oil separator is available with the filter element whose service life is up to thousands of hours. Thus, this kind of separator can ensure the high efficiency of the air compressor. The compressed air may contain numerous micro oil drops with the diameter of below 1um. All those oil drops will be filtered by the glass fiber filter element. Under the diffusion effect of the filter material, they will be quickly condensed to large ones. The large oil drops will be gathered on the bottom under the function of gravity. Finally, they will enter into lubricating system through the oil return pipe. Consequently, the compressed air discharged from the air compressor is pure, and free from any oil content.

But unlike the micro oil drops, the solid particles in the compressed air will be remained in the filtering layer, thus leading to the everincreasing differential pressure. When the differential pressure is of 0.08 to 0.1Mpa, then you must replace the filter element. Otherwise, the operation cost of the air compressor will be significantly increased.

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