Our Factory: In the factory with the coverage of 15,000 square meters, there are 145 employees. Since the founding of the company, the continuous integration of domestic and overseas new technologies allows advanced production and inspection equipment as well as exquisite manufacturing technology. As a result, we are capable of annually producing 600,000 units of air compressor dedicated filters. In 2008, our company was certified by the ISO9001:2008 quality management system. It has become a member of China General Machinery Industry Association. We are also committed to the new product innovation. In particular, the air oil separator is our self-developed product, which has obtained the utility model patent issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China.


Inspection Equipment: Pressure Test Stand

Inspection Item

1. Test the compression strength of air oil separator or oil filter.

2. Test the hydraulic filter.


Pressure of Equipment: 16MPa

Those inspection equipment can help us to single out the high qualified filters.


The office is kept tidy and comfortable for our employees. It designed to maximize the effectiveness of natural daylight. Consequently, our staff can feel good, and devote more energy to the job.

Air filter workshop: In the oval production line, all the working places are kept tidy and clean. With the clear responsibility management, every one is busy with his or her job. The daily output is up to 450 units.

Oil Filter Workshop: The clear responsibility management is applied to the U shaped production line. The oil filter is manually and mechanically assembled. Its daily output is of 500 pieces.

Air Oil Separator Workshop: It has two clean indoor workshops. One workshop is used for preparing the filtering original parts, while the other one is responsible for the filter assembly. Approximately 400 pieces can be produced in a day.

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