Air Filter Maintenance

I. Periodical Maintenance of the Main Parts

1. To ensure the normal and reliable operation of the air compressor, you need to make the specific maintenance plan.

The following are the relevant details

a. Remove the dust or dirt on the surface. (The period can be prolonged or shortened according to the dust amount.)

b. Filter element replacement

c. Check or replace the sealing element of the inlet valve

d. Check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient or not.

e. Oil replacement

f. Oil filter replacement.

g. Air oil separator replacement

h. Check the opening pressure of the minimum pressure valve

i. Use the cooler to remove the dust on the heat radiating surface. (The period varies according to the actual conditions.)

j. Check the safety valve

k. Open the oil valve to release the water, dirt.

l. Adjust the tightness of the driving belt or replace the belt. (The period varies according to the actual conditions.)

m. Add the electric motor with lubricating grease.

II. Precautions

a. When you maintain or replace the parts, you should make sure the zero pressure of the air compressor system. The air compressor should be free from any pressure source. Cut off the power.

b. The replacement period of the air compressor depends on the application environment, humidity, dust, and the acid-base gas contained in the air. The newly purchased air compressor, after the first 500 hours’ operation, needs oil replacement. After that, you can change oil for it for per 2,000 hours. As for the air compressor which is annually used for less than 2,000 hours, you need to replace the oil once a year.

c. When you maintain or replace the air filter or inlet valve, no impurities is allowed to get into the engine of air compressor. Before operating the compressor, seal the engine inlet. Use your hand to rotate the main engine according the scrolling direction, so as to ensure whether there is any barrier or not. Finally, you can start the air compressor.

d. You should check the belt tightness when the machine has been operated for 2,000 hours or so. Prevent the belt from the damage caused by oil pollution.

e. Every time when you change the oil, you should also replace the oil filter.

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