Compressor Oil Filter Replacement and Maintenance


The dust contained in the absorbed air will be remained in the air filter. To prevent the screw air compressor from being abraded or the air oil separator from being blocked, the filter element needs cleaning or replacement after having been used for 500hours. In the application environment where heavy dust exists, you need to shorten the replacement cycle. Stop the machine prior to the filter replacement. For the purpose of minimizing the stop time, a new filter or a cleaned spare filter is recommended.

1. Slightly tap both ends of the filter against a flat surface, so as to get rid of most of the heavy, dry dust.

2. Use the dry air of below 0.28Mpa to blow against the direction of air suction. The distance between the nozzle and folded paper should be at least 25mm. And use the nozzle to blow up and down along with the height.

3. After checking, you should discard the filter element if it has any holes, damage, or become thinner.


1. Screw off the air compressor oil filter, and discard it.

2. Clean the filter shell carefully.

3. Check the performance of the differential pressure sender unit.

4. Lubricate the filter sealing gasket with oil.

5. Screw the filter element to the sealing gasket, and then use your hand to seal it tightly.

6. Check whether there is any leakage once you have started the machine. Attention: Only when the air compressor has been stopped and there is no pressure in the system, that you can replace the filter element. In addition, avoid the scalding injury caused by the hot oil.

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