Production Technology

Advanced Equipment

Automatic Wrapping Machine: It can automatically wrap the framework with the filter paper of desired layers. Compared to the manual wrapping, this machine can effectively ensure the uniformity, high quality of the product. It also helps you save the cost.

Spiral Frame Forming Machine: Unlike the manually made type, the frame made by this machine is better in performance and shape. This machine can efficiently speed up the productivity.

Production Process of the Air Oil Separator

1. Use the forming machine to produce the qualified frame.

2. Wrap the filter paper onto the frame with the automatic wrapping machine.

Production Process of the Oil Filter

1. Apply the sealing machine to seal the joint of the oil separator.

2. Test the tightness of the filter

3. Dry the surface painting of the filer through the UV oven, thus ensuring the bright, beautiful appearance of the oil filter.

Production Process of the Air Filter

1. Use the paper folding machine to make filter paper with the performance that you desire.

2. The PU glue-injection machine is utilized to bond the air filter.

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