1. We offer the technology and information support for the AIR TECH company during the cooperation period. According to the technical requirement of the company, we redesign the product. Also, we actively support the AIR TECH Company to participate in the exhibition of Pakistan. Relevant filter samples have been offered to promote the client product. Consequently, we have built a long-term, stable relationship.

2. In November, 2012, the KAOWNA INDUSTRY&ENGINEERING Company in Thailand became an exclusive agent of our company. Two months later, our foreign trade manger and technical personnel were sent to help the company’s participation in the exhibition. At the show, we helped receive the clients and introduce the product to them. After the exhibition was over, our technical personnel provided the training classes to the company. To ensure the long-term mutual benefit partnership, we will consistently and timely provide the KAOWNA INDUSTRY&ENGINEERING Company with improved product knowledge.

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