Performance Index of Air Compressor Air Filers

The performance index of the air filter mainly refers to the dust removing efficiency, resistance, and the dust holding capacity. Dust removing efficiency can be calculated according to the following method:

Dust removing efficiency=(G2/G1)×100%

G1: The average dust amount in the filter(g/h)

G2: The average dust amount that can be filtered(g/h)

The dust removing efficiency also depends on the particle size. Resistance means the differential pressure. On the premise of ensuring the filter fineness, the smaller differential pressure will be much better. The increasing resistance will eventually result in large energy consumption. Too big resistance will give rise to the vibration of the air compressor. Therefore, you should replace the filter element when the filter resistance reaches or is close to the allowed vacuum pressure. Additionally, the dust holding capacity means the average gathered dust per unit area. And its unit is g/m2.

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