How to replace oil filter element of screw air compressor

Screw air compressor oil filter removes metal particles and impurities in the oil. Ensure the cleanliness of the oil circulation system and protect the safe operation of the host. We need to change the oil filter on a regular basis.


1. Drain the waste engine oil. First, drain the waste engine oil from the fuel tank, place the oil container under the oil pan, open the drain bolt, and drain the waste engine oil. When draining oil, try to let the oil drip for a while, and make sure that the waste oil is drained clean. (By using the engine oil, a lot of impurities will be generated. If it is not cleanly discharged when it is replaced, it will easily block the oil path, cause poor oil supply, and cause structural wear.


2. Remove the oil filter. Move the old oil container under the machine filter and remove the old air compressor oil filter element. Be careful not to contaminate the inside of the machine with waste oil.


3. Install new air compressor oil filter element. Check the oil outlet at the installation location, and clean up the dirt and residual waste oil. Before installation, first put a sealing ring on the oil outlet, and then slowly screw in the new air compressor oil filter element. Do not tighten the air compressor oil filter element too tightly. Generally, after tightening by hand, Use a wrench to turn 3/4 turns. Note that when installing the new air compressor oil filter element, use a wrench to tighten it. Do not use excessive force, otherwise the seal ring inside the filter element may be damaged, resulting in poor sealing effect and no filtering effect!


4. Fill the oil filter tank with new oil. Finally, pour new oil into the oil tank, and if necessary, use a funnel to prevent the oil from pouring out of the engine. After filling, check again for leaks in the lower part of the engine. If there is no leak, check the oil dipstick to see if the oil filter is filled to the upper line. We recommend to add it to the upper line. In the daily work process, you should also regularly check the dipstick. If the oil is less than the offline, you should add it in time.

Post time: Dec-17-2019
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